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On April 9, LLDPE warehouse receipt closing brief comment

today, the trading of main warehouse receipt ll0805 was in confrontation, the K-line entity paid the 5-day moving average, the market was in a stalemate and consolidation, and the situation of long and short saw saw saw, and the price moved horizontally compared with the previous trading day; The daily K-line closed down, and the Yang line shape was delivered to the 5-day average. The trading volume decreased slightly. 1. In some experimental machine parts design manuals and experimental machine manufacturing monographs, the order volume continued to shrink. The closing price of ll0805 was 13730 yuan/ton, and the settlement price was 13720 yuan/ton, which was 6 yuan/ton higher than the previous trading day. The total trading volume of warehouse receipt LLDPE was 1705 tons, a decrease of 210 tons. The acceptance of waste foamed plastics gradually swelled

the annual production capacity of caustic soda and PVC in the spot market decreased by 1million tons respectively. The PE market price was stable, the transaction was general, and the sorting space was limited. It is expected that the linear price does not rule out the possibility of small fluctuations

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