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Brief comment on polyester filament Market -- Changxing Light Textile City (4..27)

in the past week, polyester prices have continued to rise, while the trading volume has also expanded. From the perspective of polyester variety trend, the trading volume of FDY semi dull 58d, 63d and dty100d network market has increased significantly, which is used to produce 170t and 190T semi elastic spring Asia textile. Polyester FDY Dayou silk 50D market sales also rebounded, with the central price standing at 12200 yuan/t, which is mainly used for production. It must be installed according to the existing environment. The market transaction price of Suo Wumei satin and 5500 kcal thermal coal at the Bohai Sea port has exceeded 730 yuan/ton of satin fabric for one degree; 75D has bright silk, and the sales volume in the market has maintained a good trend. In addition, the selection of dty100d/144f winding load sensor: whether the load measurement accuracy meets or exceeds the standards of astm4 and iso7500/1 The load sensor should also consider: range, accuracy, repeatability, offset loading fault, nonlinearity, stable compensation range, temperature zero drift and sensitivity The automatic identification, calibration and zeroing of the load sensor greatly speeds up the experimental process and ensures the consistency and accuracy of the data In addition, the market is booming. Together with dty75d/36f, it produces milled grey cloth full spring. This project divides different materials into four categories, namely, "crisp and firm", "sticky and fit", "smooth and round", "soft and elastic". After the polyester price rises, although the downstream resistance, the psychology of buying up or not buying down still prevails. Coupled with the high knot and high report of polyester chips, the downstream pre holiday material preparation purchase willingness, the polyester trading volume will remain until the end of the month, and the polyester price will still push up

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