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On October 6, PP warehouse receipts were briefly commented in early trading

oil prices fell $0.09 last Friday. Plastic PP warehouse receipts plummeted across the board today, with two trading varieties falling by the limit. The main warehouse receipt variety pp0812 opened at the limit price of 10736 yuan/ton. The digital cement pressure testing machine is no longer people's choice. Although it occasionally broke the limit price after the opening, it is difficult to change the fate of the limit. The latest price is 10736 yuan/ton. The seller accounts for a large proportion, and the trading atmosphere is not good. The K-line chart shows that the entity received a tombstone line, the position of the entity's center of gravity fell significantly compared with the previous trading day, and the opening of the third line of KDJ index accelerated downward. The opening of the brin line is somewhat enlarged, and the price line is close to the off track

in the spot market, due to the continuous flat demand and poor overall transaction, the market is naturally difficult to effectively warm up. At present, most businesses are no longer hopeful about the increase in demand before the holiday, but instead focus on the post holiday market. It is expected that the short-term PP market spring testing machine is mainly divided into three categories, and the block mineral resources are still tight, which will maintain a weak consolidation situation

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