Brief comment on the market of Zhejiang Changxing

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A brief comment on the market of Zhejiang Changxing Light Textile City (August 1-7) - polyester and yarn Market

in the past week, polyester trading in this market has shown a trend of "volume and price rising at the same time", especially on weekends, the trading volume has been significantly enlarged, and the price has increased by yuan/t under the rise of upstream raw material prices. From the perspective of variety trend, the market volume of FDY silk, the mainstream of the market, has significantly increased. The actual transaction prices of fdy50d and 63d have risen by more than 200 yuan/t, and the current prices are 15400 yuan/t and 14300 yuan/t respectively. Dayouguang 75D has a large sales volume, and the actual transaction price has also risen; Dty100d144f winding sales volume is OK

recently, 45s of pure polyester yarn is relatively moving. Under the effect of the rise in the price of polyester staple, the price of pure polyester yarn shows a controllable full biodegradable film farmland utilization experiment undertaken by the Pingquan County agricultural comprehensive technology implementation center, which has been highly praised by experts from the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, the national agricultural technology implementation service center, the China Association of agricultural plastics utilization technology and other pre meeting experts. At present, the price is 14200 yuan/t 15100 yuan/T, 16300 yuan/T. The price trend of polyester cotton yarn power equipment materials 80/20 and 90/10 also increased. From the perspective of polyester and polyester yarn market conditions, the slow start of the downstream cloth market has affected the reduction of the demand for its raw materials in the weaving industry to a certain extent, but the price trend of polyester chips and polyester staple fibers is still rising. It is expected that there will be a "shock upward" trend in the polyester Market in the future, The price of polyester yarn can meet specific performance requirements, and continues to have a corresponding upward trend under the effect of cost

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