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Comparison and evaluation of domestic well-known portal stations (6)

from the perspective of access speed, Zhonghua Heyi often fails to connect with figure 2 (1) 5 (b)] by 1 and plus 1 respectively, the access speed is too slow, and some pages cannot be accessed. As for the relevant links under the specific content of the article, incomplete or not updated in time is a common problem of every door and station. However, this has a lot to do with the poor access conditions of domestic networks

as far as the interface is concerned, the contents of the four portal stations are arranged evenly. Only Sina has highlighted its own characteristics - it is an important play. The top half of the whole home page focuses on Sina's more successful parts: highlights, shopping malls and information channels. However, its sections are too scattered, and various types of messages are mixed together, which is not as good as easy and Sohu. Yi's column is in the lower half of the whole home page. There is only one main message in each category, which is slightly monotonous, but the categories are more comprehensive; But some life section article titles and titles are mixed with each other, which is not so pleasing to the eye. Sohu's section is pulled into a thin strip on the left side of the home page, but the categories are clear and well-organized. Unfortunately, they are not well classified. At the end of the competition, Li Gong made the success of the competition. The home page was in the middle, but the theme and channel sections were separated, and like Sina, they did not do a good job in classification

4 stations have strong timeliness, but Sina Heyi's content is sometimes misspelled, garbled, and inaccurate in relevant data. Especially in sports, science and technology, finance and economics, many foreign people's names and place names are translated incorrectly, there are big errors in digital data, and the appellations of goods or manufacturers are confused

on the page of the sub column, the content is evenly arranged on the left and right sides of the main content with links, framed with several different bright color blocks, using soft and warm colors, which feels more friendly. The overall design of several stations is similar, lacking their own characteristics. Sina's page has large-scale advertisements with abrupt visual effects. A considerable number of link content is commodity promotion, which accounts for a slightly larger proportion than the other three stations. The content pages of several stations focus on the gray background color combined with other color AIDS. Sina often inserts large advertisements into the content. The colors are too fancy, which is easy to cause visual fatigue

number of updates

the four stations participating in the evaluation have made great efforts on the channel. Each has more than ten columns, including international, domestic, social, sports, finance, entertainment, science and technology, culture and education, and has comprehensive columns, such as rolling, hot comments, and special topics. The number of updates of sina ranks first among the four stations, followed by Sohu. There is a big difference between Zhonghua Heyi and the above two stations in the channel. Here we also found an interesting phenomenon, that is, Yi seems to have a "upper limit" of 40 items, and the number of columns fluctuates up and down every day

Sina's daily update volume is basically the largest, especially in finance and economics, which is maintained at the level of 400 ~ 600 articles per day, and the number of sports, domestic and international is also maintained at a high level; Sohu has maintained a similar level with sina at home and abroad, and is the largest column in Sohu; Zhonghua Heyi is obviously backward in quantity, which also reflects the different emphasis of outbound station construction. In the process of using the database of each station to count the number of updates of the previous day, we found that the contents of the columns being counted were repeated from time to time. There is a certain relationship between the error rate and the quantity of labor force. Due to the large number of sina, there are relatively more duplicate or link errors, but the overall quality is satisfactory; Sohu selected the injection pressure according to the type of injection machine, material temperature, shape and size of plastic parts and mold pouring system, and achieved good results in quality and quantity; Zhonghua Heyi adheres to the principle of "less but better", reports focus on the focus, and there are few mistakes. In general, the four stations have the same content, which is puzzling. These errors affect the final statistical results to some extent. We recorded some obvious errors in the statistical process, which are mainly reflected in the repetition of two adjacent items in the same column. For example, on October 26, 2001, sina science and technology column appeared the duplicate content entitled "India and Singapore group users favor WinXP"; The format or content of the title is incorrect. For example, there is no text or picture report after clicking the "test" in the easy sports column on November 5

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