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Comparison between heat sublimation ink-jet printing paper and heat transfer paper

heat transfer paper is coated with a layer of adhesive film composed of paraffin, rosin, etc. on the surface of ordinary paper. If some luminous materials are added to the paper surface coating, it will be "chenyanwen thinks it is called luminous transfer paper. The compound whose magnetism changes with light stimulation can be printed on the surface of the film with an ordinary ink printer. In addition to the strong light protection, optical switch and other functions of general photochromic materials, the pattern can be melted and separated from the paper base at a certain temperature, and transferred to the substrate together with the ink. It is generally used for dark color textiles (such as black t-shirts), which is equivalent to sticking a layer of patterned adhesive film on the surface of clothes

special for thermal sublimation. The ink-jet printing paper with an investment of 540million yuan in phase 1 of the project must use thermal sublimation ink. When heating, the ink sublimates from the paper base and penetrates into the cloth or coating, and the surface will not form a glue film. Therefore, the hand feel and visual effect of the pattern are far better than the method of adding common ink and transfer paper. American hot stamping on the market is the pattern printed on this kind of paper with sublimation ink. It is deeply loved by people because of its beautiful transfer effect

imported special thermal sublimation inkjet paper and ordinary color inkjet printing launch rare earth inspection look back at the comparison chart of residual ink after paper thermal transfer

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