Comparison between McPherson suspension and multi

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Comparison between McPherson suspension and multi link suspension

although ranked according to the grade, complexity and materials of suspension, multi link is the best, followed by double wishbone and McPherson, without noise; There is no oil pollution. Although the grades can be divided in this way, things in the world have advantages and disadvantages. The reason why these three kinds of suspension can exist in a large number on various models certainly has their own performance advantages

among the three suspensions, McPherson has the simplest structure, the lowest manufacturing cost and the widest use. It is mainly used on the front axle of most small and medium-sized cars. It dominates the world with simplicity. It is precisely because he simply 12 The overload emergency stop device is light and fast in response. In addition, under the geometric structure of a lower rocker arm and pillar, it can automatically adjust the camber angle, so that it can adapt to the road surface when cornering, maximize the grounding area of the tire, and take up a small space, which is suitable for small vehicles and most medium-sized vehicles. However, due to the simple structure, the suspension stiffness is weak, the stability is poor, and the turning roll is obvious

the double differential arm suspension has two upper and lower rocker arms, and the transverse lifting force is absorbed by the upper yield point of the two rocker arms, which means that the sample is absorbed at the same time when yielding occurs, and the strut only carries the weight of the vehicle body. Therefore, the lateral stiffness is large. Because unequal rocker arms are used up and down (long at the top and short at the bottom), the camber angle can be automatically changed when the wheels move up and down, and the change of track width can be reduced to reduce tire wear. It can also adapt to the road surface, with large tire grounding area and good adhesion to the ground. However, due to the addition of an upper rocker arm, a large space for standing is required. Therefore, the front axle of a small car is generally not equipped with this kind of suspension. The following is a code snippet:

multi link suspension, which is configured with three links, four links and five links according to the standard connecting rod configuration (usually three links, four links and five links), can first achieve all the performance of the double wishbone suspension, and then on the basis of the double wishbone, the toe in angle can be changed correspondingly when the tire moves up and down through the constraint of the connecting rod connecting shaft, which means that the bending adaptability is better. If it is used in the front suspension of the front drive, It can alleviate understeer to a certain extent and bring people the feeling of accurate steering; If it is used on the rear suspension, the toe in angle of the rear wheel can be changed under the action of steering roll, which means that the rear wheel can steer with the front wheel to a certain extent, so as to achieve the purpose of comfortable control. Like the double wishbone, the multi link suspension also needs to occupy more space, and the multi link suspension has the highest manufacturing cost and R & D cost, so it is often used on the rear axle of medium and high-grade vehicles

therefore, in general, McPherson is the most economical and cost-effective front independent suspension. The suspension that can be adjusted and matched with high performance is multi link and double wishbone. The most complex structure and the most performance is the multi link. However, since the latter two are of heavy quality due to their structure, in order to achieve better response speed, they are usually made of aluminum alloy, so the cost can be imagined. (end)

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