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Comparative analysis of advantages and disadvantages of the four major glass producing areas in China

1 A relatively closed market

2. On the basis of economic development in Western China, the demand for glass has increased rapidly in recent years, which has led to rapid capacity expansion in the region. However, the oversupply has followed, resulting in a rapid decline in prices

3. In the future, it is very likely that there will be no way to avoid the "self mutilation" situation to shrink production capacity and be unable to export production capacity to other regions

disadvantages: high production cost (compared with enterprises in Central China 5. Electro hydraulic servo universal material testing machine)

the current price can prevent the large-scale entry of glass in Central China (the transportation cost from Wuhan to Chongqing is 150 yuan)

II. South China:

1 In the case of continuous loss of medium and low-end deep processing business, stick to the advantages of the local building glass market and medium and high-end deep processing business

2. Relatively complete glass production and deep processing industrial chain

3. The technological process is stable and mature, and the product quality level is high

disadvantages: high production costs, high labor costs, high taxes and other costs, high financial costs, and high transportation costs for expansion to other regions

III. North China (Shahe):

1 Benefiting from the advantage of high industrial concentration, we will continue to develop and promote deep processing industrial parks and increase the consumption ratio of our own original films

2. Continue to consolidate and strengthen cost advantages: supply chain integration and informatization

3. Reduce the dependence on price war and be profit oriented

4. Enhance logistics integration and improve efficiency (it is planned to open regular trains from Shahe to Tianjin by the end of March 2016): beneficial to export business

advantages: low direct production cost, low labor cost, low financial cost and high industrial concentration

disadvantages: the product quality is mainly middle and low-end; High pressure on environmental protection: the shutdown or semi shutdown of major activities has a great impact; The export is mainly automobile transportation, with high cost

IV. central China:

before the bankruptcy of China Resources, the strategic situation in Central China was poor. Sales to the southwest encountered great resistance. Shahe fully respected the wishes of enterprises to the north, and enterprises such as China Resources to the East failed to find a breakthrough, falling into a strategic dilemma in the shrinking demand of their own region, This is likely to lead to a sharp drop in sales prices in Central China in the past 15 years and once fell below the cost level at the end of July

advantages: 1 Low labor cost, low financial cost and low direct production cost

2. Water transport covers a wide area (along the Yangtze River Basin)

Wuhan - Jiangsu area, the transportation cost is 50 yuan, which is far lower than the automobile transportation cost in Shahe - Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai

disadvantages: the product quality is mainly middle and low-end, and the industrial concentration is low

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