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Make a detailed comparison between boss 5700 and boss 27a5 27a3, which is better? What's the difference

the three main differences between boss 5700 and boss 27a5 27a3 are: first, the time of listing and size are different. 27a5 was launched in january2018, with a larger appearance size. 27a35700 was launched earlier, with a smaller size; Second, the air volume and noise are different. 27a5 is less noisy than 27a35700, and the air volume is larger. Other functions are the same. In terms of performance, 27a5 is better than 27a35700

boss 5700 and boss 27a5 27a3 tmall activity quotation review for comparison

boss 5700 and boss 27a5 27a3 JD activity quotation review

boss 27a5

boss 27a can also reduce the emission of carbon and other hazardous materials 3

II. Comparison of boss range hood 27a5 and 27x6 hot selling models and comments:

1 The boss' range hood 27a5

reference price: ¥ 3799.00 (check the tmall activity quotation)

user comments: the boss' range hood has been installed, and it feels really good after 3 days of use. The smoking effect is very good. It has two gears and an infrared sensor. It is very convenient to use. In general, it is very good and cost-effective

2. The boss's range hood 27a3

reference price: ¥ 3699.00 (view the tmall activity quotation)

user comments: the logistics is very fast, and the order is placed in three days. 2. The page processing is here. The express boy is very hard to deliver goods to his home on a hot day. When I bought the car, I asked the customer service and patiently answered the questions, explaining whether the size can be installed. The installer came to the door very quickly. The installation was very good. He also helped dismantle the old range hood. After the installation, he also talked about the precautions for the maintenance of the range hood in the later stage. It was great!! Overall, they are very good

III. summary:

generally speaking, the difference between the boss' range hood 5700 and the boss' 27a5 27a3 is that the time to market, size and exhaust air volume are different, and the functions are the same. However, it is recommended that you choose the later 27a5, which has a lower performance than the overseas automobile safety coil spring, and the fatigue life can reach more than 50000 Tmall view more popular model recommendations

while improving production efficiency

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