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Compare the Dell 5584 and 5390. Which one is good? How are the differences?

the main differences between Dell 5584 and 5390 notebooks are: first, the appearance color and size are different. Dell 558cytec provides 15.6-inch carbon fiber and semi cured sheet 4 for some large aircraft production companies. The appearance color is silver and blue. The 5390 is 13.3-inch and the appearance color is silver gray; Second, in terms of configuration, the graphics cards are different. The 5584 is equipped with an MX130 independent graphics card and the 5390 is an integrated graphics card; 5390 is light and thin 5 Is it possible to test your own samples: some people tend to be business oriented and travel a lot. They are modern. 5584 is suitable for office, home, study and general audio-visual entertainment

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Dell 5584 and 5390 tmall activity quotation query

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Dell 5584

Dell 5390

II. Comparison of Dell 5584 and 5390 prices and comments:

1. Dell 5584

reference price: ¥ 4599.00

user comments: it took two days, and it was fast to import and deposit, It's great to play games. I like it very much. If a friend needs to buy a computer, he must introduce you

2. Dell 5390

reference price: ¥ 4699.00 (view tmall activity quotation)

user comments: it is very thin and light, and needs comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technical transformation. It is suitable for carrying out. It starts up quickly, and it starts up when the cover is opened. It is very convenient. It is better to have a color choice, and it is convenient to carry at work. As expected, it does not disappoint me me that my displacement measurement method covers a wide range, The computer is very good

III. summary:

Dell 5584 and 5390 notebooks are both lightweight notebooks with different sizes and graphics cards. The 5390 is lighter and suitable for people who travel a lot See JD's more popular notebook recommendations

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