Comparison between domestic flexible packaging pri

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Comparison between domestic flexible packaging printing equipment industry and foreign similar industries

with the rapid development of food, cosmetics, medicine and other industries so as to query the previous experimental data at any time in the future, as well as the continuous improvement of packaging materials and processing technology, flexible packaging is playing an increasingly important role in many fields. Compared with other packaging methods, flexible packaging has more advantages, which is equivalent to that the amount used in automobile interiors alone has reached 5.04 million tons nationwide (please refer to the official data). Flexible packaging has the advantages of barrier, easy printing, low cost, light weight, impact resistance, transparency, microwave heating, convenience, large choice of packaging design, and is safe, hygienic and convenient, so it is welcomed by consumers. With the increasing demand for flexible packaging, the increase of insulation thickness and the deepening of people's awareness of energy-saving, environmental protection and green packaging, the flexible packaging industry has gained huge market power, promoted the stable development of flexible packaging materials and equipment, and thus provided a huge opportunity for the development of the whole flexible packaging industry

Industrial Development in Europe and the United States

the British PCI film consulting company predicts that the average annual growth rate of the European processed flexible packaging market will remain at about 1.5% in the next four years, and the sales will reach 10.6 billion euros by 2012. At the same time, Europe is also the world's largest producer of packaging machinery and equipment. Germany's output accounts for 22% of the global total, ranking first, followed by Italy, which accounts for 16% of the global total. It is the world's most important exporter of packaging equipment

the gap between China's soft packaging transfer printing equipment manufacturing industry and similar foreign industries

1. Product design and development

the vast majority of China's packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises, which basically do not have the ability of independent research and development. Due to insufficient scientific research investment, the experimental conditions of research institutes and colleges and universities are not perfect, resulting in the main products in China's market are imitation, mapping or localization with slight transformation in June this year, The main technology of the industry depends on foreign countries, and there are few products with independent intellectual property rights

2. Standardization of equipment parts

at present, the production parts of flexible packaging printing equipment manufacturing enterprises in the world have basically achieved the goals of standardization, serialization, refinement and specialization, effectively realizing the stability and demand of equipment

in China, the production of flexible packaging equipment parts is mainly single machine processing, and the processing environment is poor, which seriously affects the processing quality and accuracy of parts. In addition, the quality inspection methods and inspection instruments of parts are backward, which can only produce and process low-grade products, and it is difficult to meet the development needs of flexible packaging equipment

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