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How to choose the balcony curtain? Balcony is also an important part of reflecting taste and style when decorating. Choosing curtains when decorating balcony is also a time-consuming thing. There are many kinds of curtains, too, what

how to choose balcony curtains? Balcony is also an important part of reflecting taste and style when decorating. Choosing curtains when decorating balcony is also a time-consuming thing. There are also many curtains, all kinds of materials, dazzling. How to choose the balcony curtain? Let a lot of people with selection difficulties at a loss, about how to choose balcony curtains, Xiaobian will introduce a few points to you

curtains can be selected from the perspective of personal needs. Recently, blackout curtains are quite popular in the market. The gloss and falling property of the shading curtain are very good, but if you can't install the Roman pole with the curtain box, don't choose this one. The shading curtain needs to be hung in circles to look good. However, most of them are semi shading curtains, which should be paid attention to, because the prices of the two are different. Of course, there are two kinds of full shading shading curtains, dark and light. Dark curtains have a good shading effect after they are pulled. They can be considered to be used in summer, and the shading effect is obvious. Light colored curtains are also very shading, but the shading curtains are easy to wrinkle. If you have time, you can iron them specially. Of course, there is no need to clean it. Just wipe it with a wet cloth. It is easy to clean and convenient. If the roof is sunny, or people who like to sleep in can consider installing this yo. Of course, if the budget is not particularly sufficient, you can install a single-layer curtain

from the perspective of personal hobbies, there are many kinds of curtains to choose from, according to different tastes, such as pastoral style, small fresh style, cool style, etc. you can buy whatever you like. Some people also like specific colors. If it's color control, you can buy a curtain of your favorite color. You can also pay attention to the kind of gauze curtains with Tassels and lace edges, which are suitable for little women! Not only do I feel happy when I have to decorate my home, but also add a personalized design to the decoration. Balcony selection is also a technical job. You can ask your friends patiently and sum up your experience

of course, if the balcony at home is a bay window, you can install the curtain with Roman poles. Of course, you can also use the turning slide to follow the shape of the bay window. If the bay window does not require shading, choose a yarn curtain. If you want to make it look good, and you have enough budget, you can make a folding curtain. Ordinary families can use that kind of ordinary cloth, just dozens of pieces. There's no need to choose a good pole, because the curtain is not particularly heavy, and it's generally OK to use it for a few years. Finally, remember that if the curtain wants to be practical, try to use those decorations with lace and tassels. Not only the quality is poor, but also the washing is expensive. This depends on the individual. When choosing curtains, you should choose them carefully and patiently, shop around, and try to find good and cheap curtains

the above is the best answer to how to choose balcony curtains. I believe you will understand it after reading it. When choosing curtains, according to your favorite and home decoration style, choose your favorite curtains to decorate your beautiful balcony

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