Three tips for choosing new wallpaper

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Many people are impressed by the beauty of wallpapers, but they are worried that they cannot recognize the quality of wallpapers when buying them. Don't worry, first listen to the wallpaper selection tips introduced by Xinke wallpaper experts

I. color difference: look at the surface of the wallpaper to see whether there are color differences, wrinkles and bubbles, and whether the pattern of the wallpaper is clear and the color is uniform. In addition, when purchasing wallpapers, you should see whether the number and batch number of the purchased wallpapers are consistent, because although some wallpapers have the same number, there may be subtle differences in color due to different production dates, which is often difficult to detect at the time of purchase until they are pasted on the wall. The batch number on each roll of wallpaper represents the same color, so we should avoid the inconsistency of wallpaper color, which will affect the decorative effect

II. Material judgment: fire

generally, wallpapers are divided into natural materials and synthetic (PVC) materials. How to distinguish materials? As the saying goes, "true gold is not afraid of fire". To distinguish by fire, wood fiber wallpaper has no black smoke when burning. Just like burning wood, the ash after burning is also white; If there is black smoke and odor, it may be PVC wallpaper

III. air permeability: a few drops of water can be used to test the air permeability of wallpaper. Drop a few drops of water on the back of the wallpaper to see if there is water vapor passing through the paper. If you can't see it, it means that this wallpaper doesn't have air permeability, and it's not wood fiber wallpaper

in addition, when selecting wallpaper, you should smell it first to see if there is a pungent smell. At the same time, we must check the relevant information to see whether it meets the standard of "limit of harmful substances in wallpaper of interior decoration materials". It is best to choose natural fiber wallpaper or full paper wallpaper; We should also consider the environmental protection performance of wallpaper adhesives and choose famous brand adhesives with guaranteed reputation, preferably water-based ones

whether the wallpaper will decolorize is also an important standard to judge whether the wallpaper is good or not. Soak a small part of the wallpaper in water, and then scratch the surface and back of the wallpaper with your fingers to see if it fades or bubbles. Real wood fiber wallpapers are particularly strong, and because their dyes are pure natural ingredients extracted from flowers and flax, they will not be decolorized by blisters. You can also cut a small sample of wallpaper and wipe the paper with a wet cloth to see if there is discoloration




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