Congratulations on the grand opening of Huaxian Au

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Warm congratulations on the grand opening of Huaxian Ouman flagship store

the long prepared Huaxian Ouman flagship store opened grandly on April 21. The store has become an aircraft carrier level store in the county-level exclusive store of the cabinet industry, with an exhibition hall area of 400 square meters. The exhibition hall is divided into product display area, kitchen experience hall, wardrobe and home experience hall, customer negotiation area, customer leisure area, kitchen appliances display area, corporate culture display area and other areas with different functions and styles, Cabinet products with different styles interpret different lifestyles. During the interview and business period of the store, many customers have constantly come to consult and order. Due to the full publicity of the early preparation and the large preferential intensity of the opening activities, the sales on the opening day are extremely hot! It set the hottest sales record in the county-level market, and the sales of more than 40 cabinets and 8 wardrobes on the same day! Theatrical performances celebrate the opening

Auman flags flutter

creative float publicity

a corner of the exhibition hall

a corner of the exhibition hall

a corner of the exhibition hall

a corner of the exhibition hall

line up for payment

customers are choosing their favorite color

paint baking lilac purple is particularly attractive

a corner of the exhibition hall

warm kitchen experience




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