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Unknowingly, it has reached the middle of September, and the Mid Autumn Festival has just passed, but the golden period of decoration has been continuing. It is more than three months before the end of this year. The reason why most owners choose to decorate at this time is not only related to the temperature, but also want to live in their new houses during the new year. However, as we all know, decoration has always been a huge and cumbersome project, and there are some ways that we non ordinary professionals can't figure out. Today, Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian takes signing the decoration contract as the key point to lead you to see what its "tricks" are and how to avoid it

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it is learned that such a dispute occurred in Jiangxia District of Wuhan in the first half of the year. It is said that Mr. Li, the owner, signed a decoration and construction contract with Wang, the decorator, with a total contract price of 250000 yuan. Mr. Li paid 80000 yuan in the early stage, full of hopes for the future new house, But I didn't expect that after receiving the money, the other party casually measured the wall of his house with cement for a day or two, and then it disappeared. Later, Mr. Li realized that he was probably cheated. Seeing no progress in decoration, he couldn't get his 80000 yuan back. He thought that after all, it was not a small amount, and he couldn't let the money drift. Then he couldn't tell if he had any pain, so he took the decorated house to court with a paper petition. Xiaobian learned that the final judgment result was that the decorator returned 70000 yuan to the owner, and Wang also returned the house to Mr. Li, and rejected the requests of other plaintiffs

editor's comment: in this incident, both sides did not get any benefits, but more wasted time and money. However, the owner has signed a formal decoration construction contract, properly kept the receipt of the payment, and collected photos before and after the decoration of his new house, which has made strong evidence support for his future rights protection. In this regard, it is worth learning from all of us, especially those who come into contact with the decoration for the first time. However, the only deficiency is that Mr. Li, the owner, did not conduct a clear investigation on the qualifications of the decorator, because he cannot undertake the decoration project without a certain decoration qualification. Therefore, we should remind our owners that we must understand each other's decoration qualifications before choosing a decoration company, otherwise even if the decoration is completed according to the contract, there is no guarantee for after-sales service




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