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On March 1, Zeng Xiangdong, deputy general manager of Sinomach group, and his delegation visited Sinomach. Mr. Zeng listened in detail to the report of general manager wangweiyan of the group company on the overall arrangement of the company's business work in 2017 and the recent operation, and listened to the report of chief engineer Jinyang on the new products and new products that the group company is investigating. The load sensor converts the force signals into electrical signals and transmits them to the measurement system domain, Chairman wupeiguo reported on the major issues to be solved by the group this year and the benefit contribution points of the group's development, and supplemented the current difficulties of the group and the problems that need to be solved by the group through coordination

Zeng Xiangdong, deputy general manager of Sinomach group, and his delegation went to Sinomach heavy industries to investigate.

Zeng agreed with the arrangement of work of Sinomach group this year, and put forward the requirements for early success, implementation and effectiveness of zombie enterprise disposal, new product development and key work. President Zeng pointed out that Sinomach has come out of the most difficult period, and hoped that Sinomach would seize a new round of development opportunities and create better performance

at the meeting, President Zeng also submitted to the Party committee of Sinomach the letter signed by himself on "practically strengthening the strict governance of the party and comprehensively fulfilling" one post and two responsibilities ", and hoped that the Party committee of Sinomach would face the new normal and make the industry perform the political, economic and social responsibilities of central enterprises

ZHAOFEI, director of equipment manufacturing business department of Sinomach, accompanied the investigation. Luo Huiheng, the leader of Sinomach in Beijing, attended the briefing


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