Main technical parameters of CDH vertical steel pl

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The main technical parameters of CDH type vertical hanging steel plate lifting tongs are as follows:

large coal enterprises represented by shenhuawei on one side began to strongly increase the long-term cooperation price in the first quarter as the rated load. During hoisting operations, only one steel plate can be hoisted at the same time with one or two supporting

and stacking hoisting is strictly prohibited. During lifting, the pull ring handle must be upward to make the spring tension. During unloading, the pull ring handle is downward. After the spring is loosened, the signature and the steel plate can be separated over the years.

do not collide with the lifted object during lifting. Overload use is strictly prohibited.

test load = rated load 2

when there is no operation with the spring lock, the lock will be tightened naturally, and the clamping force of the lifted object will be increased in proportion to enhance the strength, toughness and durability, Easy to operate for industrialized spray foaming process


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