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On April 30, the domestic plastic market analysis summary

core tip: boosted by the cost, the market continues to rise, and some manufacturers increase their offer again. Traders tend to be cautious in intrafloor trading. Downstream factories are afraid of high-end inventory, and the market transaction is slow

[futures market]

US crude oil (7:55): 58.56 down 0.02

● international oil prices closed higher on the 29th

the US official crude oil inventory increased for 14 consecutive weeks, but the increase was lower than previously expected by analysts. The crude oil inventory in Cushing area decreased for the first time in five months, and the crude oil futures in Europe and the United States rebounded instantly. The sharp decline in the US dollar exchange rate also supported the oil futures market. International oil prices closed higher on the 29th, and the price of crude oil futures in New York closed up $1.52 to $58.58/barrel. Brent crude oil futures closed up $1.2 to $65.84 a barrel

[today's news]

● plant and plastic waste can be changed into building materials

Italy's emerging "plastic creation" company combines chemical technology with the technology of recycling all kinds of waste plastics and tequila bagasse to produce wood like materials with greater resistance, which can be used as templates in the construction industry or for manufacturing benches, tables and chairs. This new technology not only simulates the physical properties of wood, but also reduces the cost and recovers organic and inorganic waste

● the improvement of engineering plastics is accelerated, and new materials meet more needs of automobiles

in today's automobiles, plastics are widely used in automobiles instead of expensive metal materials, which has become an inevitable development trend. High strength engineering plastics not only reduce the cost of parts processing, assembly and maintenance, but also make cars lighter, energy-saving and environmental protection. The data show that plastics and their composites are the most important lightweight materials for automobiles. They can not only reduce the weight of parts by about 40%, but also reduce the procurement cost by about 40%. Therefore, the consumption in automobiles has increased rapidly in recent years

[Petrochemical trends]

● PE Petrochemical trends: Zhenhai Refining and chemical full density unit produced 7042, the unit operated normally, and the enterprise inventory increased

● PP Petrochemical dynamics: Dushanzi Petrochemical's PP old unit is under shutdown and maintenance, and it is expected to recover at the end of May. The new printing consumables are also a problem. The whole line of the device will be shut down for maintenance from April 12, and the maintenance is expected to take 60 days

● PVC Petrochemical trends: the overall start-up of Shanxi huojiagou PVC plant, solvent based exterior wall coating GB/T 9757 ⑵ 0018%, the latest quotation: 5700 yuan/ton for type 5 acceptance and 5750 yuan/ton for type 8 acceptance. The transaction is negotiable

● PS Petrochemical trends: the ex factory quotation of Jiangsu Leiden PS is stable, and the price of benzene 525 is 11700 yuan/ton. Whether the spring noise device is safe and comfortable for the vehicle operation, and the modified benzene 688 is out of stock, with a solid offer of 300. The manufacturer's inventory is not high and sales are average

● ABS Petrochemical trends: CNPC North China ABS pricing has temporarily stabilized, with 0215a Tianjin warehouse reporting 12850 yuan/ton, 750A Tianjin warehouse reporting 13050 yuan/ton, ge-150 Tianjin warehouse reporting 12550 yuan/ton and 0215h Tianjin warehouse reporting 12600 yuan/ton

● pet Petrochemical trends: the price of Shanghai Yuanfang polyester bottle chip remains stable, the water bottle material is quoted as 8300 yuan/ton, self extraction, and the carbonic acid is 200 yuan/ton, which is discussed in detail. The annual capacity of the plant is 600000 tons, and about 90% of the plant has been started

[early evaluation and forecast of plastics]

● early evaluation of PE: yesterday, the market price was mainly sorted out, and there were few sources of circulating goods. Individual companies of CNPC continued to increase their prices. The mentality of operators was mild. Businesses followed the market while waiting. Near the May Day holiday, there was little willingness of downstream factories to replenish their positions. Reference to the market conditions of various places: the quotation in Tianjin market continued to rise by yuan/ton, SECCO 0209aa reported 10650 yuan/ton, and the Changzhou market was stable and weak, Lanhua reported 2426h yuan/ton, Dongguan market prices rose, Maoming 2426k tax-free 11150 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will not fluctuate much today

● PP early review: yesterday, the market price was adjusted in a narrow range, and the market rose for several consecutive days, which has shown fatigue. Approaching the May Day holiday, the ex factory prices of petrochemical and PetroChina remained stable, the operators waited for the holiday, the enthusiasm of firm offer operation was not high, the downstream factories resisted high price goods, and the follow-up of firm offer transaction was not enough. Reference to the market conditions of various places: the wire drawing offer in Tianjin market continued to rise, Nanjing coal 1102k was quoted at 9500 yuan/ton, and the Chengdu market fell, Zhongyuan T03 reported 9300 yuan/ton, Shunde market price was adjusted at a high level, and Hainan v30g reported 9200 yuan/ton

today's forecast: on the last day before the festival, the market is expected to maintain stable operation

● PVC early review: the market was sorted out in a narrow range yesterday, and some quotations were tentatively higher. Due to the lack of market activity, the trading atmosphere was light. Traders are cautious in trading, with a general mentality, and some hold goods on the sidelines. The downstream demand is tepid and the transaction is average. Local market reference: the market fluctuation of Linyi is limited, and the ordinary type 5 electric stone is delivered with tax of yuan/ton; Wuxi market is noisy and rising, and the transaction price of ethylene material is yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market quotation may be stable and upward

● PS early review: the overall trend of the market yesterday was stable, and some quotations fell in a narrow range. The mentality of merchants is general, the offer follows the market, and the trading atmosphere is calm. Terminal buyers mainly avoided the market and waited, there were few on-site inquiries, and there was no substantive follow-up of the transaction. Reference to local market conditions: the offer in Dongguan market fell in a narrow range, and pg33 fell 50 yuan to 10800 yuan/ton; Some quotations in Ningbo market fell, and Leiden 525 fell 200 yuan to 11200 yuan/ton

today's forecast: the market is expected to adjust slightly today

● ABS early review: yesterday's market operation was generally stable, and individual quotations were slightly adjusted. Upstream styrene prices fell and cost support was weak. Business offers follow the market, mainly through negotiation, and the trading is slightly deadlocked. The performance of downstream demand is poor, the follow-up of enterprises is limited, and the actual transaction is general. Reference to local market conditions: the offer in Ningbo market fell slightly, with 757K falling by 100 yuan to 13600 yuan/ton; Shunde's market quotation fell steadily and slightly, with Taiwan 757 down 50 yuan to 12750 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market will be mainly sorted out, and some quotations may still fall slightly

● early evaluation of PET bottles and chips: yesterday, the market price continued to loosen yuan/ton, PX and PTA weakened, the supporting role of the cost side weakened, the mentality of the industry was slightly hit, the sales of end products were blocked, the enthusiasm of downstream factories to enter the market for procurement was low, and the overall trading atmosphere was deadlocked. Market reference: East China water bottle materials were reported as yuan/ton, self picked up and negotiated yuan/ton; Short delivery of RMB/ton in South China and negotiation of RMB/ton

today's forecast: the market is expected to consolidate today

● early evaluation of pet regeneration: yesterday, the market price changed little, there were few woolen bottles, the price was high, the profit of the cleaning factory was small, the enthusiasm for shipment was low, and the terminal demand was not improved. The procurement of chemical fiber factory was mainly based on small orders with just demand, and the overall trading volume was not enlarged. Reference to the market situation: the computer white film in East China was reported as yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market is mostly sideways

[waste market news]


● Xuchang HDPE bottle cap waste recycling market reference: green bottle cap broken 6300, red broken 6600, variegated bottle cap broken, particles

● market reference of LDPE film particles imported from Suzhou: white transparent particles 8000; Pubai; Secondary level 6700; Decor blown film grade particles 6900, cable material 6300

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